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October 7, 2009

Creating a Simple Hotkey Component using RegisterHotKey

Filed under: .NET,C#,P/Invoke,Visual Basic — Tom Shelton @ 12:47 pm

A while ago, I needed to create a simple tray application that had to be able be brought into focus using a global hotkey.  I did a bit of research and came across the RegisterHotKey API function.  On my first attempt at using it, I created a simple class that I used to subclass any window handle that was passed into the constructor.  It  worked well – until you wanted to have more then one hotkey and it seemed to me it might be more user friendly as a component then as a class.  So, I rewrote the code as a windows forms component – and in the process I even created a custom type editor for the HotKey.Modifiers property.

Anyway, I’m posting two projects – the first is the HotKeyLib project that contains the Hotkey component.  The second is a project (both C# and VB.NET) that make use of the component.  You will need to compile the HotKeyLib project and then add it to your IDE’s toolbox to compile the second project.  The reason I did it this way was to show that the custom icon of the hotkey component will indeed show up in the IDE toolbox.

Anyway, hope this code proves helpful.

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